Creativity & Presentation

The range of Creativity and Presentation products includes inventories and assessments to help participants uncover and develop workplace creative skills. The products are supported by comprehensive Facilitator Guides.

Creativity now tops the list of critical ‘soft skills’. The ability to make new things or think of new ideas demonstrably makes a substantial contribution to performance and profitability. Through systematic development individuals and teams are able to improve their creative problem-solving skills and manage their creativity.

Becoming more productive and creative enables individual and organisations to become more effective leaders in today's competitive markets. Your competition is likely to target it as a skill for development now and in the future - and you should, too.

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Personal Creativity Assessment-Facilitator Guide

This leaders guide contains 3 separate training modules handouts and transparency masters to improve the application of creativity in daily work, develop personal creativity, and use structured creative thinking techniques for a variety of business uses. Exercises facilitate the interpretation and scoring of the Personal Creativity Assessment.

Junkyard Games - Extra Parts

1 bag of game parts to train an additional team of 4-8 participants. All parts are reusable.
£53.20 excl VAT

Encouraging Innovation Through 5 Key Conversations Facilitator Set

Innovative leaders have the skill to encourage innovation in others, creating informal and formal systems that invite, support, and reward innovation. Used to assess a manager or team leader's current skill level in encouraging innovation in employees.

Encouraging Innovation Theoretical Background

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