Conflict Style Inventory Trainers Guide


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Code: 516G
Revised edition provides 2-hour, 4-hour and full day workshop outlines on teaching conflict resolution skills. This HR trainers guide includes detailed explanations of the 10 mini-cases in the questionnaire, information on validity and excercises that include a role play based on one of the cases.

The Conflict Style Inventory Trainer’s Guide is based in concept on more than 30 years of behavioural science research on the dynamics of conflict. Provides explanations of each of the 10 vignettes and discussion of typical responses to each. It also contains workshop designs, a lecturette, overhead transparency masters, norms and references.

Managing Conflict Constructively

This is a helpful participant handout containing background information on Conflict management.

The resource begins with an introduction to organisational conflict, and provides explanations of each of the 5 Conflict Styles

• Avoiding/Withdrawing

• Smoothing

• Forcing

• Bargaining

• Problem-Solving

This is followed by discussion of typical responses to each. Also included is a copy of the CSI.

FORMAT Instrument
OBJECTIVE To help manage conflict in a constructive way
AUDIENCE All organisational members
AUTHOR Dr. Marshall Sashkin

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