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Coaching for Results Assessment Instrument

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Designed to act as an indicator of coaching skill development need. Evaluate yourself and request your manager evaluate you.

You will need two assessment instruments so that neither will be influenced by the other's responses.

Should you decide to use this tool as a 360-degree assessment, simply make enough copies to be able to distribute one to each person whose evaluation you desire. The author suggests you solicit the opinion of your manager, a subordinate, and a co-worker to ensure full 360-degree feedback.

On finishing the assessment, you will find an interpretation guide and a two-page worksheet. The worksheet can be used to pinpoint areas of need and to alert the respondent to particular skill modules for optimum learning.

We also recommend that the assessment is repeated six months after training to evaluate improvements in management skill.

For those who have responsibility for the training function, this tool can provide insight into priority topic needs.

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