Change Management Predictor Facilitator Set

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Provides all the relevant information needed to use the CMP as a module in an employee development programme

Helps increase individual awareness of differing responses to change

The Change Management Predictor is a resource to help managers be more effective in meeting the challenge of today's fast changing busiiness environment. This facilitator guide provides all the relevant information needed to use the CMP as a module in an 'employee development programme'.

It covers the origin and structure of the CMP, its usage and the lessons that participants can draw from the results.

The guide is based on extensive development and delivery by the author and his associates. Their experience has been distilled and is encapsulated in the Guide. Thus, in addition to straightforward presentation, there is extensive coverage of all the exceptions and special cases that can occur with instruments of this nature.

In addition, the Guide provides Facilitator Notes pages in addition to a PowerPoint® CD-ROM of the overheads.

Equipped with the information in this Guide, any facilitator will be able to deliver a successful training session with confidence and enthusiasm.

Change Management Predictor Facilitator Guide Selected Contents

• Overview

• Introduction

• Genesis

• Facilitation

Appendix 1

• Kaizen

• Balanced Scorecard

• Business process re-engineering

Appendix 2

• Activities 1-4

Appendix 3

• The Alloplastic Organisation

Appendix 4

CMP and the Change Process

Appendix 5

• Change management where does leadership fit in?

The CMP helps individuals:

• understand and manage their own response to change

• develop style flexibility to increase the probability of a successful outcome

• recognise and value the contribution that each change style has to offer

• use their awareness of others’ change styles to reduce conflict and increase personal productivity.

Use the Change Management Predictor to:

• increase awareness of the personal implications of involvement in organisational transitions and restructuring

• help the individuals and groups facing change to increase mutual understanding and develop more successful ways of working together

• help participants in a conflict management initiative move away from seeing issues as “right” and “wrong” to understanding differences of viewpoint and behaviour.

The CMP Facilitator Guide provides comprehensive advice and guidelines on the most effective use of the resource. This includes a detailed explanation of the CMP model and style, as well as suggested applications for individuals and teams. The Guide also describes the theoretical and research background of the CMP and its links with best practice on change management.

Format Instrument
Objective To increase individual's awareness of how they deal with change
Audience All organisation members
Time Required 10-15 minutes to complete and score
Author Dr. John Nicholls