Assertiveness Style Profile


Category: Assessments
Code: 6306

Reveals the use of four distinct assertiveness styles. Full interpretation and explanatory notes are also included for personal action planning and improvement.

The Assertiveness Style Profile is designed to assist individuals to understand their own personal assertiveness style, preferences, and behaviour, and in so doing, give them a basis to look at ways in which to look at how they might make adjustments to achieve better results for them in the future.

Everyone has their own unique assertiveness style, and there are therefore no right or wrong answers in terms of which individual approach is 'best' or more appropriate than any other. In fact, as you will see in this instrument, people will usually score in all four broad assertiveness styles, which means that they will draw upon a little or a lot of each when they meet with other people or groups.

The data provided by this instrument will only be valid and useful if the person completing the questions is as honest as possible and focuses on what they actually tend to do and not what they think they should be doing in the future.

This is a self-scoring profile. Once all the statements are completed scores are plotted on the effective assertiveness grid. This gives a diagrammatic representation of your current assertiveness style and behaviour, as well as suggesting where the 'average' effective assertiveness styles lie.

Some general interpretative information is then included in the back of this booklet to help individuals to determine whether future changes in their style could increase their personal effectiveness and the quality of the results that they achieve.

FORMAT Self-scoring instrument
OBJECTIVE To become more effective in a wide variety of situations
AUDIENCE All organisation members
TIME REQUIRED 75 minutes
AUTHOR Dr. Jon Warner & Gary Jenkins