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The Manager's Pocket Guide to Performance Management

Every company wants and needs productive, skilled employees. Investing in a work force that can help your business keep pace with the competition may be the most important strategic decision you make.
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The Manager's Pocket Guide to Performance Management clearly spells out the specific steps a manager can take to ensure improved performance organisation-wide

It presents a systems approach to performance enhancement and includes tools for determining current performance levels and establishing desired performance levels.

This handy reference will show managers how to

• Analyse the performance of individual employees

• Pinpoint the gaps in performance and determine what's causing those gaps

• Develop practical strategies for maximising performance

• Get the most from your training dollars and ensure that training is successful

• Give recognition of an employee's achievements

• Evaluate whether or not employees are using what they've learned

Selected Contents

• Identifying Employee Development Needs

• A Systems Approach to Performance Enhancement

• Fostering a Learning Organisation

• Analysing Employee Performance

• Identifying Causes of Performance Gaps

• Selecting Non-Training and Training Strategies

• Managing Training Resources

• Promoting Training Transfer

• Evaluating Training Outcomes

Products specifications
Format Paperback Book
Audience All organisation members
Author Sharon G. Fisher
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