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Teams & Team-building

The Teams & Team-building products provide a wide range of inventories, assessments, simulations and games. These are designed to help participating individuals and teams clarify how they work, how to improve their skills, working methods and increase productivity. This extensive range of tried and tested products is accompanied by comprehensive Facilitation Guides.

Whether you need to work on team-building or team-development there will be a product which can help you manage the process in a fun and interactive way. Is your objective to ‘fix’ a low performing team or boost an already successful one?  Is it a team that is not achieving its true potential? Whatever the question, this section provides powerful proven products which will help support your learning goals.

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Caribbean Island Survival II - Participant Activity

Caribbean Island Survival II - Participant Activity - You and a group of your friends are on a sailing and scuba adventure off Tobago Island in the British West Indies. You run into a violent storm spawned at the edge of a hurricane. Your boat smashes onto the rocks, leaving you stranded on a small, uninhabited island. You have lost much of your equipment and some of you need medical attention. Important decisions must be made for your survival.

Deir el-Medina An Exploration of Team Roles Complete Game

An engaging game designed to identify the various roles each team member plays during work processes and demonstrate how each role contributes to the group’s ability to accomplish goals, solve problems, and achieve success.
£123.20 excl VAT

Engagement Games

An Even Better Place To Work PropBox. A programme of activities and interactions for transforming working relationships.
£395.00 excl VAT

Flight from Savo Game - Training Resources

Designed for supervisors with minimum to moderate experience, and it can also be used as a refresher for more seasoned supervisors. Materials train up to 3 groups of 5-7 participants
£511.50 excl VAT

glueless™ about change CD-ROM

CD Rom based game that encourages players to explore the pitfalls and best practices of managing change. The questions are based on the journey made by all of us when going through change, and the action plans that result from these questions target the key success factors associated with change.
£199.00 excl VAT

Grand Canyon Adventures Complete Pack

Nine realistic adventure simulations that take participants on an unforgettable learning adventure set in America's most popular scenic wonder
£293.04 excl VAT

Group Development Assessment

As your groups evolve into teams, it's vital that they periodically assess their current level of group development - and be willing to discuss it openly. The Group Development Assessment (GDA) gives groups a clear, comprehensive picture of how they're functioning - and of what it will take to become a team.

Highly Effective Meeting Profile

This 50-item survey and skill profile is designed to enable you to assess meeting effectiveness over time, it is appropriate to use this survey only with intact and ongoing groups or teams that meet on a regular basis (e.g. once a week)

Junkyard Games - Complete Kit

Outrageously fun innovation simulation game for employee and management development training. This team activity is an engaging and interactive experiential instructional game that improves the effectiveness of team and individual innovation skills.
£428.99 excl VAT

Maestro Complete Game Pack

Play out vital team skills such as leadership, creative problem-solving, planning, and communication. Contains enough materials to train up to 4 groups of 4-8 participants at one time.
£357.50 excl VAT

Maestro Game Extra Parts Set

Contains 8 Hand Bells plus Bell Bag and 4 Batons.
£79.90 excl VAT

Mars Rover Challenge - TEAMWORK Version Kit

Complete Team Version Kit introduces the basic teamwork concepts such as interdependence, common goals, continuing interaction, valuing diversity, and creating a supportive work environment.
£604.99 excl VAT