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Slingshot! Starter Kit

A highly participative multi-function simulation for team development, organisational learning and business process improvement. Starter Kit trains up to 12 participants. Slingshot can train group sizes from 8 participants to a maximum of 30 (extra Supply Kits required).
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Slingshot! is an exciting and action-packed simulation that enables teams and individuals to identify and remedy ineffective processes, procedural bottlenecks and team efficiency challenges. It combines great fun with serious learning opportunities and is appropriate for use throughout the organisation.

Simulation description:

Participants are initially allocated roles in the production operation of a manufacturing company assembling model cars for a TV Challenge series. Each car has to meet stringent quality performance criteria on the test track. As the simulation progresses the teams learn to re-engineer the process and adapt their roles in the interests of efficiency and customer service. The group has comprehensive measurement tools to use at the end of each production run so they can evaluate their progress and experience the dynamics of organisational learning.

When to use Slingshot! It’s flexible format means you can use it for:

• Breaking down barriers to effective team performance

• Giving employees the confidence to make real and lasting changes in the workplace

• Improving profitability through cross-functional work teams

• Experiencing dramatic breakthroughs using process re-engineering

• Appreciating the benefits of work group redesign.

The Slingshot! Starter Kit includes:

• 12 participant Workbooks

• consumables,

• one Facilitator Guide,

• re-usable pieces

The Facilitator Guide provides comprehensive, step-by-step instructions including off-line activities.

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Products specifications
Format Multi-function simulation
Objective To demonstrate the dynamics of creating a learning organisation, the impact of process improvement, and the benefits of creating cross-functional teams
Audience All organisation members
Time Required 1 or 2 days
Author Richard Perry & Bob Hayward
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