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Presentation Skills Profile–Feedback

Designed to provide useful feedback to presenters
Code: 592B
Category: Assessments

The Presentation Skills Profile–Feedback Form is designed to provide useful feedback to presenters. The respondent is given this Feedback Form to provide their associate with information about their presentation behaviour. Responses help determine whether behaviour changes could increase presentation effectiveness.

The Presentation Skills Profile–Feedback Form includes

• 24-item version of the PSP (for evaluating a specific presentation)

• Pressure-sensitive response form

Products specifications
Format Assessment
Objective To improve presentation skills
Audience Anyone who gives presentations
Time Required 1½ - 2 hours
Author Ian MacDonald
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Presentation Skills Profile

Designed to ease the stress associated with public presentations, PSP analyses how the respondent prepares and delivers presentations, provides for peer feedback on a specific presentation, and then offers a walk-through of preparation and delivery for future presentations.