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Presentation Skills

This section provides a self-assessment, a DVD guide, games and presentational products designed to help participants increase their communications impact. Each resource is supported by a facilitation guide.

‘Getting the message across’ is the objective of every presenter. Helping participants clarify their presentational style provides a firm foundation for increased self-management and presentational impact. Additionally, the ‘Magic’ product range brings a new twist to the old ‘stand-up presentation’ routine.

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Presentation Skills Profile

Designed to ease the stress associated with public presentations, PSP analyses how the respondent prepares and delivers presentations, provides for peer feedback on a specific presentation, and then offers a walk-through of preparation and delivery for future presentations.

Presentation Skills Profile–Feedback

Designed to provide useful feedback to presenters

Presentation Skills Profile–Facilitator Guide

Needed to administer the PSP. Includes Sample training design, theoretical background, overhead transparency Masters and activity handouts with case studies