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Manager's Pocket Guides

The Managers Pocket Guide series are compact booklets with a clear style, making for a quick read and easy access to core information and resources needed for personal development.

They provide a comprehensive reference library at your participant’s fingertips by including extensive research, worksheets, assessments and case studies. Varying in length, these managers guides are written by leading subject experts and are all designed to maximise learning transferability and on-job performance.

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The Manager's Pocket Guide to Preventing Sexual Harassment

This 116-page booklet covers an entire spectrum of methods for dealing with sexual harassment ranging from clear policy statements to definitive, documented action when incidents actually occur

The Manager's Pocket Guide to Public Presentations

A confidence builder… will help any manager begin to overcome speaking anxiety

The Manager's Pocket Guide to Recruiting the Workforce of the Future Second Edition

The Manager's Pocket Guide to Recruiting the Workforce of the Future will show employers faced with a lean, post-downsizing organisation in the midst of a tight labour market, how to develop and implement hiring solutions.

The Manager's Pocket Guide to Systems Thinking & Learning

This useful pocket guide provides managers with the basis of Systems Thinking, as well as several new Systems Thinking tools and concepts to enhance individual and organisational learning and performance.

The Manager's Pocket Guide to Team Sponsorship

Covers the three most common types of teams - temporary or project teams, standing or committee teams, and natural work teams.

The Manager's Pocket Guide to Workplace Coaching

Designed to help managers recognise the importance of coaching with aids for developing skills in good coaching communication.