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Lunch & Learn Delegate Pack - Giving Constructive Feedback


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Materials for ten delegates attending a Giving Constructive Feedback Lunch & Learn session

Barriers to giving feedback

As there are so many benefits of feedback, it is surprising that so many people are reluctant to give it. Some reasons for this reluctance stem from culture. (It is not actively encouraged) Sometimes we don't give feedback for practical reasons e.g. we don't have proper authorisation.

Mostly however, we don't give feedback because we are concious, nervous about how to give it and how it will be received. This nervousness is often a result of years of conditioning that has occurred since we were children and which affects our perception of feedback.

Your Complete Giving Constructive Feedback Lunchtime Training–in a bag

Feed your hungry minds with a cost efficient Lunch & Learn–Giving Constructive Feedback session. A functional and time-saving alternative to more traditional methods, each session will provide learners with a taste of each subject in a one hour feast.

This session covers the following topics

• Benefits of effective feedback

• Barriers to giving feedback

• Characteristics of effective feedback

• Structuring feedback.

Each Lunch & Learn Delegate Pack contains

• 10 Workbooks

• 10 'Lunch bags'

• 10 'What I have learnt' pledge cards.

The trainer kit needed to run the session is sold seperately.

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TIME REQUIRED1 to 1.5 hours
AUTHORPeter Hitchen, Instep