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HRDQ Style Series

Understand Personality Styles and Types for Greater Career Success

The HRDQ Style Series is a full range of easy-to-use personality style assessment solutions that shed light on key aspects of organisational life, from communication and leadership to team building, sales, time management, coaching, and more. The Style Series is an excellent way to introduce personality style assessment to help others understand why people act the way they do.

Your audience will discover things they never knew about themselves; and they can use the information to improve their performance, build rapport with others, and achieve greater success on the job.

Personality plays an important role in all facets of organisational life. It determines how people communicate, act as leaders, and get along with others. It also drives career choices, performance track records, and organisational culture.

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What's My Coaching Style? Participant Booklet

Understanding personal style is the first step to developing successful coaching relationships. By responding to the 18-item What’s My Coaching Style? inventory and receiving feedback from coachees, participants identify their personal style and build an understanding of the people they coach. Ultimately, coaches learn how modify to their own styles to create better rapport with their coachees. ALSO ONLINE*.

What's My Communication Style? Participant Guide (Third Edition)

Participants respond to 24 pairs of adjectives, using a pressure-sensitive form. After scoring is complete, easy-to-read charts allow respondents to quickly scan the strengths and trouble spots that characterise their particular communication styles. Part of the HRDQ Style Series. ALSO ONLINE*.

What's My Leadership Style? Participant Guide

A management development and leadership style assessment that identifies leadership style and helps organisational leaders, managers, and supervisors improve performance and become effective leaders. ALSO ONLINE*.

What's My Learning Style? Participant Guide

Discover how to approach all types of learning in a comfortable way. With What’s My Learning Style?, a 20-item assessment, participants identify a preference for one of four styles. Since the instrument presents both positive and negative aspects of each style, individuals are able use this knowledge to create greater success in learning. ALSO ONLINE*.

What's My Selling Style? Participant Guide

Can salespeople improve their performance just by understanding their selling style? Yes! Those who are aware of their personal style are more effective than those who are not. ALSO ONLINE*.

What's My Style? Participant Guide

A quick and memorable learning instrument that’s appropriate for everyone in your organisation. By responding to a simple 18-item inventory, participants will learn their preference for one of four basic behavioural styles, how a preferred style affects behaviour, and how to capitalise on strengths/combat weaknesses to create greater success in their lives. ALSO ONLINE*.

What's My Team Member Style?-Participant Booklet

The 18-item assessment helps individuals evaluate how they typically behave on a team and the results reveal their preference for one of 4 team member styles. With increased awareness, they are able to appreciate other team members' contributions and address differences proactively. ALSO ONLINE*.

What's My Time Style? Participant Guide

Research shows that the time management approach best suited to increasing a person’s productivity largely depends on that individual’s behavioural style. What’s My Time Style?, a simple 21-item assessment, helps participants to identify individual time management styles and make their styles work for them rather than against them. ALSO ONLINE*.