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How to Get to Win…Win–CD

Explore the preparation and techniques which enable you to become a powerful and ethical influencer
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How to get to win...win

Every manager has to influence others more, as we do change from command and control management to a more empowered work force.

In this programme you will explore the preparation and techniques which enable you to be a powerful and ethical influencer. You will add to that, the skills for handling negotiation so that both sides feel they have gained and come to win...win.

How to get to win...win Contents

• The importance of influencing and negotiating

• Clarifying the results you want

• Identifying what matters

• Getting ready to influence

• Paying attention

• Establishing common ground and gaining agreement

• Long term influencing

• A guide to Better Management series sampler

A Guide to Better Management is a collection of twelve titles based on neurolinguistic programming. This is an approach which can be applied to many business issues and helps you discover your own excellence.

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Author Di Kamp