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MiniTreasure Extra Team Pack

For training sessions with more than 3 teams at the same time, order 1 pack per extra team.
£175.00 excl VAT

MLR Raceway Challenge

Integrated learning activities with team challenges to provide a robust combination of fun and enhanced personal and team performance.
£1,900.00 excl VAT

Modco Extra 16 Participant Guides

16 Extra Modco Participant Guides

Modco Extra Set of Model Parts

Extra set of model parts
£94.59 excl VAT

ModCo Starter Pack

Combines great fun and serious learning that can be applied throughout the organisation! The ModCo Starter Pack includes everything needed to run the simulation with up to 16 participants. Skills learned include team-building & time management.
£250.38 excl VAT

Perception Extra Team Pack

Each pack contains the items you need (utilising the reusable items within the Perception Starter Pack) order 1 pack per person.

Perception Participant 6-Pack

Each pack contains 6 sets of the two items you need per participant using the reusable items within your Perception Starter Pack. This '6 pack' represents a saving of 10% on the individual item price.

Perception Starter Pack

A fun and versatile experiential training activity that can be used for any size group for between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on your requirements and how much learning you wish to achieve. Perception is an activity that tests individual and team observation skills and highlights real team issues, offering real team learning.
£175.00 excl VAT

Playing with Style Complete Game

Collection of card games for employee and management development training. Game play ranges from one-player solitaire to large group activities, and most games can be played in less than 30 minutes. Improves the knowledge of personality style and interpersonal skills. A supplement to the HRDQ Style Series.
£86.90 excl VAT

Playing with Style Extra Card Deck

Additional deck of playing cards. An excellent way to expand, enhance, and reinforce the learning gained from the HRDQ Style Series training assessments.
£28.60 excl VAT

Playing with Style Extra Pad

Playing with Style Feedback Tablet
£6.38 excl VAT

Playing with Style Facilitator Guide

Additional Facilitator Guide with CD-ROM
£51.59 excl VAT