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Jungle Escape 5th Edition Prop Pack

Jungle Escape 5th Edition Teambuilding Game Prop Pack
£119.35 excl VAT

Jungle Escape 5th Edition Upgrade Kit

Includes everything you need to upgrade an existing Jungle Escape Kit to the 5th edition.
£240.10 excl VAT

Jungle Escape 5th Edition–Backpack

Jungle Escape 5th Edition Backpack
£30.25 excl VAT

Jungle Escape 5th Edition–Water Bottle

Jungle Escape 5th Edition Teambuilding Game Water Bottle
£7.92 excl VAT

Junkyard Games - Complete Kit

Outrageously fun innovation simulation game for employee and management development training. This team activity is an engaging and interactive experiential instructional game that improves the effectiveness of team and individual innovation skills.
£428.99 excl VAT

Junkyard Games - Extra Parts

1 bag of game parts to train an additional team of 4-8 participants. All parts are reusable.
£51.15 excl VAT

Just My Type Game-Extra Cards

Includes one pack of 48 cards, enough to train a team of 4 participants
£20.63 excl VAT

Just My Type: The Personality Game

An alternative to standard inventories and questionnaires, Just My Type is a fun, revealing card game based on Jung’s theory of personality types.
£252.99 excl VAT

Just My Type: The Personality Game Refill Game Pack

Extra resources for 8 participants; includes 8 Participant Booklets and 8 Tent Cards
£66.55 excl VAT

Maestro Complete Game Pack

Play out vital team skills such as leadership, creative problem-solving, planning, and communication. Contains enough materials to train up to 4 groups of 4-8 participants at one time.
£357.50 excl VAT

Maestro Game Extra Parts Set

Contains 8 Hand Bells plus Bell Bag and 4 Batons.
£79.90 excl VAT

Mars Rover Challenge - DELUXE GAME KIT

Share the parts and double the learning.
£693.55 excl VAT