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Feedback Pack

A valuable tool for managers in giving and receiving feedback to team members by providing guidelines for different situations and with different people and thereby ensuring they adopt a consistent approach.
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The Gift of Feedback

Experience shows that feedback is favourable, but even when the giver is making critical comments the outcome can always be positive, as feedback is always used to produce beneficial changes or continuation of positive actions. Feedback can be given by staff and is therefore a gift.


The Feedback Pack provides a quick and easy means of structuring the feedback process.

There are 4 working sections.

1. Style Preference Here the giver selects the style he or she wishes to employ during the Feedback session. There are 11 options: Coach, Disciplinarian, Problem Solver, Adviser, Warner, Friend, Firm Boss, Trainer, Third Party/Messenger, Encourager and Concerned Acquaintance.

2. The Commencement This section offers 4 variations on the opening exchanges. For example, if you have chosen Firm Boss as your preferred Style, you may opt to use “It has come to my notice…”

3. Detailed Comments Detailed Comments contain 53 different characteristics and behaviours. You can make comments as to whether the Receiver is Excellent, Average or Poor. Each Detailed Comment has to be supported by evidence. Experience shows that most Feedback sessions flow well when between 4-6 Detailed Comments are discussed. Receivers cannot take in more than that number at any one session.

4. Summary Cards These allow the Giver to bring the session to an end by re-iterating the major positives and reinforcing the negatives – but always aiming for positive outcomes in the future.


There are a total of 72 cards. Each card has explanatory notes on the reverse side. These are general guides to card usage and – for Detailed Comments– descriptors of Excellent/Average/Poor standards. Some people may fit neatly into the individual descriptors but most will demonstrate a cross-section from two or three. This reinforces the need for careful Planning and Preparation.

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Format Card game
Audience All organisation members
Author Duncan Christie-Miller