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An Even Better Place To Work PropBox. A programme of activities and interactions for transforming working relationships.
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A Business Tool for Getting the Best from People…

Speed Training offers incremental, bite-sized chunks of learning and development. Ideal for those sessions when time is limited and you are looking for a quick, fun, easy-to-deliver activity. They can be used at team meetings or in short structured sessions.

The activities are grouped around seven key indicators of effective relationships

• Feeling valued

• Openness

• Feedback

• Motivation

• Difference management

• Ownership

• Conflict management.

The PropBox

This programme of activities and interactions will transform working relationships. It has transformed teams in organisations like Siemens, BAE Systems, PepsiCo Foods, GlaxoSmithKline and others.

• It is a practical, friendly resource that gets people taking responsibility for their issues and opens real conversations between people, without great expense of time or money

• It will grow a collaborative model of leadership which eliminates the You-versus-Me attitude and breeds collaboration across the business

• The programme is transforming rather than informing so the impact and the difference is felt immediately and time is not spent on difficult-to-apply theory

These activities will dramatically improve

• The impact of leadership

• The effectiveness of teams

• The quality of life for team members

Products specifications
Format Game
Objective To develop leadership skills and workforce satisfaction
Audience All leaders
Time Required varies
Author Shay McConnon