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Landslide Facilitator Guide

Facilitator guide to accompany the Landslide Participant Activity.

Effective Remote Worker–Feedback Booklet

Contains a Profile for a manager, colleague or friend to complete on behalf of the person who is, or is about to start, working remotely

Personal Style Mirror Participant Book

A quick, accurate, self-scoring instrument. The first of a family of easy-to-use interpersonal style instruments.

Effective Remote Worker–Facilitator Pack

This Facilitator Pack will help you adopt a management approach and put in place a systematic process to achieve success with your remote working initiative
£51.95 excl VAT

Sustainable Leadership Facilitator Guide

Designed to help individuals understand where they currently invest their time and effort, and to consider how they can become even more effective.

Terrorist Incident Facilitator Set

Facilitators Guide with CD-ROM containing Briefing Slides in 3 formats and copy of Participant workbook
£37.44 excl VAT

Jonico Window-Other

Improve delegation and empowerment skills for greater performance 4-page feedback version

Jonico Window Facilitator Guide

60 page comprehensive trainer guide includes PowerPoint Presentation covering the key points as well as a copy of each of the participant workbooks
£32.24 excl VAT

Dynamic Leader Facilitator Guide

Designed to assess how an individual behaves in their leadership role with their team. Includes Sample copy of the Revised Dynamic Leader Participant Workbook and Powerpoint presentation CD-ROM
£24.44 excl VAT

Metro Extra Participant Workbooks

Pack of 12 Extra Workbooks

READ Your Personal Style Facilitator Guide

Trainer guide to accompany READ Your Personal Style
£22.36 excl VAT

Personal Style Mirror Facilitator Set

Provides comprehensive information on how to get the best from the instrument, including interpretation of scores, and helpful background information on personal styles and presentation materials. Also includes a copy of the participant workbook
£32.24 excl VAT