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Personal Effectiveness Inventory Participant Activity 2nd Edition

A quick and easy diagnostic for time management or personal development. The self-scoring, 50-question Inventory means that in 15 minutes you will have raised many of the key issues underpinning personal effectiveness.

Change Management Predictor Participant Workbook

20-item self-scoring assessment, designed to help managers be more effective in meeting the challenge of today's fast changing business environment

16+Negotiation Style Profile Participant Activity

A learning instrument designed to help assess the manner in which you deal with various negotiations with other people in a work context.

16+Personal Style Profile Participant Activity

A learning instrument designed to help you assess the manner in which you deal with people and situations at work.

16+Conflict Style Profile Participant Activity

Simple and accurate 38-page Conflict Style learning instrument designed to help you assess the manner in which you deal with conflict with people at work. Part of the 'Resource Wizard 16+Style' integrated series, it is intended to help you increase your success and enjoyment from your work.

Jonico Window-Self

A 48 page Workbook that is a powerful tool for increasing the managers awareness of how to use delegation and empowerment skills.

Landslide Participant Activity

Landslide is a team-building simulation that goes beyond the 'survival' type of activity. It forces groups to reach consensus using their own judgement and limited information.

Influencing Strategies & Styles Profile Participant Activity

This 52-page self-scoring instrument includes comprehensive interpretative notes to help participants understand their scores and develop influencing strategies by demonstrating how appropriate style matches provide better results.

Effective Remote Worker–Profile and Workbook

This 70 page Workbook explores the personal attributes needed to be effective as a remote worker. It contains a self-assessed Profile and personal development planning tools and templates.

Slingshot! Starter Kit

A highly participative multi-function simulation for team development, organisational learning and business process improvement. Starter Kit trains up to 12 participants. Slingshot can train group sizes from 8 participants to a maximum of 30 (extra Supply Kits required).
£389.48 excl VAT

Sustainable Leadership Questionnaire

Enables the identification and development of characteristics essential to successful and socially responsible organisations.

Terrorist Incident Participant Activity

All the resources needed to run the exercise. As well as background information the booklet contains the response sheet, expert ranking, individual and team-score sheets, and action-planning guidelines.