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CRG Models

It takes time and money to create handouts for a presentation. Why not use the models CRG has already created?
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CRG Modelsis our desktop-published master handouts tool that can be used in most of the workshops or one-on-one coaching sessions. We include a full-colour set in the binder, plus our masters on a CD-ROM in PDF format. Once you have purchased the CRG Models, you can print unlimited copies to serve you and your clients.

These masters can be used to support each of the following CRG assessments

• Personal Style Indicator

• Job Style Indicator

• Sales Style Indicator

• Entrepreneurial Style & Success Indicator

• Self-Worth Inventory

• Values Preference Indicator

• Stress Indicator & Health Planner

• Leadership Skills Inventory

Section 1 of CRG Models

The first section includes 21 pages of handouts critical to any style or professional development session, including these.

• Readiness and Willingness to Change

• Credibility

• What is Personal Style?

• Personal Style Model

• The Personal Style Criteria

• And much more

Section 2

The second section of CRG Models has over 26 pages for CRG’s Business Development Game Plan.

• Attracting Your Perfect Customer

• Business Belief Assessment

• Financial Planning Worksheets

• Revenue Sources Checklist

• Marketing Funnel Checklist

• Information Products and

Services Checklist

• Marketing Strategy Checklist

• Action Planning Sheets

Look professional! Get these master CRG Models now!

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