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Construction Game Additional Participant Parts

Each pack contains extra parts for 1 team of up to 5 people.
Code: 3126A
Category: Games
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The Construction Game is for up to 15 participants. This pack is used to extend the number of people involved. 1 extra pack is needed for each extra team. PLEASE NOTE: This is not the complete game.

How can managers gain insight into their management style?

How does it manifest itself in their day-to-day contact with employees? How do their subordinates see them? What constitutes an 'ideal' manager, and is there such a thing as an 'ideal' management style? How does management style affect team-building efforts?

These are the kinds of questions The Construction Game is designed to explore. By placing the participants in competing teams and selecting team leaders, we can observe the ‘managerial style’ of these leaders and compare their analysis of it with the perceptions of their peers.

In this team-building game, participants construct a warehouse using plastic girders. The process involves planning, organising and bidding to win the contract, followed by a construction phase, working to a set of specifications and performance criteria.

Products specifications
Format Team Game
Audience All organisation members
Time Required 1 to 1½ hours
Author Training House