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Competency-Based Performance Improvement

Systems thinking is now more than 30 years old. Unfortunately, it appears that many members of our current generation of HRD practitioners are not familiar with systems theory and how it can be applied to the HRD field. In this book, system theory is discussed and then applied to performance improvement.
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A Strategy for Organisational Change

This book will prove to be an outstanding contribution to the literature in the field of Human Resource Development (HRD).

Competency-Based Performance Improvement is not only based on theory and research, but on actual practice and application. Dr. Dubois also shares with us his research into various models for developing competency-based learning on the job–recent and future. Models are always important and helpful, and we can never have too many of them. It becomes the responsibility of the HRD practitioner to differentiate between those that are useful and those that are not. We are sure that you will find the models presented in this book very useful.

Competency-Based Performance Improvement covers

• Chapter 1. A Model for Creating Competency-Based Performance Improvement in Organisations

• Chapter 2. Needs Analysis, Assessment, and Planning in a Competency-Based Format

• Chapter 3. Concepts and Methods for Developing Competency Models

• Chapter 4. Creating a Competency-Based Curriculum Plan

• Chapter 5. Designing and Developing Competency-Based Interventions

• Chapter 6. Learning Strategies and Media for Competency-Based Learning Interventions

• Chapter 7. Tracking the Performance of the Subsystems: The Evaluation Subsystem

In addition, case studies of three organisations (private and governmental) detail the actual experiences and benefits that these organisations realised in their performance improvement efforts:

• Competency-Based Training at Tektronix, Inc.: The Managers-of Managers Programme

• Competency-Based Leadership Development at the Defense Mapping Agency: U.S. Department of Defense

• Competency-Based Management Development for Senior Managers at the New England Telephone Company.

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Format Paperback Book
Objective To analyse and improve performance in an organisation
Audience All organisation members
Author David D. Dubois, Ph.D.