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Coaching Effectiveness Workshop Participant Workbook

Everyone these days is talking about 'coaching'. But do supervisors understand what 'coaching' really means? More importantly, do they practice it regularly? Use this participant booklet with the Coaching Effectiveness Workshop.
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The Coaching Effectiveness Workshop is organised into four phases

Phase one helps participants understand their own coaching style, 'read' the needs of others, identify the learning styles of others and set the climate for coaching.

Phase two focuses on how to assess alternative coaching methods and determine when and where to coach.

Phase three tackles how to create the time and opportunity to coach and find opportunities to build relationships.

In Phase four, participants will learn how to encourage communication and feedback, develop a long-term monitoring plan and review and adjust as they go.

With Coaching Effectiveness Workshop, you have a complete training programme you can use at all levels of your organisation to give employees guidance in 3 key coaching areas:

• Working closely with people one-on-one, giving feedback, setting goals and tasks that will stretch them and supporting them through difficulties

• Setting up a climate or environment that encourages people to take the risk to do things differently and learn from their experience

• Actively setting up learning opportunities for individuals by giving them the chance to work with different people and providing new and challenging work experiences.

Good coaching is, therefore, not about developing other people, but focussing them on their own development goals and helping them to achieve those goals.

Products specifications
Format Binder with CD and Participant Workbook
Objective To develop coaching skills
Audience Coaches
Time Required 2 days
Author Julian Lippi & Dr. Jon Warner