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Intuitive Decision Making Profile

Give your participants a key competitive advantage.
£13.85 £6.73

Competency-Based Performance Improvement

Systems thinking is now more than 30 years old. Unfortunately, it appears that many members of our current generation of HRD practitioners are not familiar with systems theory and how it can be applied to the HRD field. In this book, system theory is discussed and then applied to performance improvement.
£34.25 £17.13

Six Sigma Memory Jogger™ II

A Pocket Guide of Tools for Six Sigma Improvement Teams.
£16.50 £8.25

Organizational Recognition Assessment for Managers

ORAM seeks to help managers and organisations determine why managers use or do not use recognition when managing their employees.
£6.25 £3.13

Project Management Memory Jogger™

This 169-page Memory Jogger was developed to help project sponsors, project team leaders and project team members to work seamlessly so their work projects could be completed on-time and on-budget.
£12.00 £6.00

Training House Reproducible Assessment Kit

Contains 25 Reproducible Assessment Exercises, Self-Inventories, Tests, and Survey Instruments.
£117.70 £58.85

Career Anchoring Pattern

Helps determine your talents, motives, values and other forces which have guided, constrained and/or integrated you into your worklife.
£6.19 £3.10

The Memory Jogger™ II

A pocket guide of management and planning tools for continuous improvement and effective planning.
£12.00 £6.00

Type Indicator

Personality style is an integral part of many training sessions.
£9.10 £4.55

Group Process Questionnaire

Group Process Questionnaire - Turning Awareness into Skill. Because Adventure Simulations need to be more than a 'fun experience', the debriefing is the key to achieving effective learning.
£4.75 £2.38

Communication Style Inventory-Other

To be effective this needs to be completed by 3-8 people who have first-hand knowledge of the target person's use of the four communication styles.
£3.80 £1.90

Profile of Leadership Opportunities Assessment

A 60-item self-scoring Assessment Tool for Leaders to identify opportunities to boost employee performance through leadership.
£8.60 £4.30