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Classic Series

This section is reserved for resources that have a significant pedigree and have a loyal customer base. Have a look at what others are using successfully within embedded programmes.

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Survey of Organizational Climate

This 60-item assessment measures employee attitude on factors such as clarity of goals, advancement, working relationships, and management.

The Last Spike Starter Kit

Contains all you need to play The Last Spike, an exciting icebreaker or energy booster
£77.90 excl VAT

50 Activities for Developing Counseling Skills in Managers

Enables managers to concentrate on the personal views, feelings, and opinions of their staff, encourage person-centered management, improve interpersonal skills, ensure that organisational goals are achieved and more…

Conducting Workplace Investigations

This short book will provide you with guidance, insight and practical tools to use. The information will help you identify key issues and make important decisions concerning the investigative process, as well as make you a better investigator.

Fostering Employee Engagement

What does employee ‘engagement’ mean? Why does it work? Most importantly, how can you create it in your employees to reduce turnover, increase productivity and improve business results?

From Start to Finish

A 40-card activity illustrating the different stages of a recruitment process.
£29.99 excl VAT

Train the Trainer Instructor's Pack

This instructor's pack with CD-ROM is organised by lesson. Each lesson provides information about lesson objectives, time required, presentation methods, equipment and supplies needed, and notes to the instructor particular to each lesson.
£84.70 excl VAT

Walking the Empowerment Tightrope

Find the balance between empowered work groups and appropriate leadership strategies with this provocative book.

Legendary Leadership

Whether you are CEO of a large organisation or president of the PTA, you’re a leader and require the same qualities to be successful, according to Peter Garber. The information he presents in this book will help you become a good leader to those you lead and maybe even a legendary one.

Alternative Workforce Strategies

This short book presents alternatives to the traditional model of hiring permanent workers, and offers real-life situations in which they have worked.

Making Decisions

Gain insight into how you make decisions by yourself and with others

The Last Spike Extra Participant Workbooks

12 Extra Last Spike Workbooks