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Fink™ Powerful Coaching Questions to Achieve Goals

Use this pack to put together a well-structured coaching discussion with clear outcomes. Using these questions will definitely challenge people to think for themselves!

Fink™ Putting the 6Cs into Practice

Compassion in Practice is based around six values we feel really strongly about - Care, Compassion, Courage, Communication, Competence and Commitment. When designing care around the 6Cs framework it can be difficult to know where to start or how to change existing custom and practice. These conversation cards are designed to help you ask the right questions of yourself and others.

Fink™ Resolve It Now! Dealing With Conflict at Work

This pack of 48 questions shows you how to reduce the negative impact of conflict in your team and organisation

Fink™ Running Effective Meetings

A just-in-time tool that will enable every user to positively impact the meetings they host.

Fink™ Say It Now!–Feedback to Inspire Change

This pack of 48 cards considers feedback from 4 fundamental perspectives and equips you to give feedback through specific examples you can easily adapt for your own situation.

Fink™ Setting Powerful Objectives

Powerful reminders about the huge payoff to be gained from setting meaningful objectives and clear guidelines on the potential pitfalls which can arise when people are not engaged or fearful about having objectives

Fink™ Working Through Organisational Change

Work with people in your organisation to support them to continue to perform well whilst the organisation continues to change. This new range of conversation cards encourages people in organisations to have better quality conversations about the things that impact organisational performance.

From Start to Finish

A 40-card activity illustrating the different stages of a recruitment process.
£29.99 excl VAT

Metro 3 Extra packs of cards

Additional packs of Metro Playing Cards
£42.28 excl VAT

Metro Extra Participant Workbooks

Pack of 12 Extra Workbooks

Metro Starter Kit

A team-building simulation based on a journey on the Paris Metro system in the year 2073
£89.02 excl VAT

StylePlay - 3rd Edition Game Kit

These quick, energising games reinforce learning and build awareness in a fun, nonthreatening manner. Trains 8 - 12 participants. For additional players order an Extra Card Deck.
£106.70 excl VAT