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A Guide to Better Management Complete CD Collection

Complete collection of 12 titles based on neurolinguistic programming. SPECIAL OFFER Purchase the entire 12-disc set and save 15%. Single titles available @ £6.99 each.
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A Guide to Better Management is a collection of twelve discs based on neurolinguistic programming. This is an approach which can be applied to many business issues and will help you discover your own excellence – a series that can work for everyone, from the shop floor to board level.

The twelve Better Management Guide titles included in this package are

• How to Get to Win…win

FOCUS - Negotiation Skills

Every manager has to influence others more, as we do change from command and control management to a more empowered work force.

• Team Leader

FOCUS - Teams & Team-building

Consider strategies for developing a strong staff team through having a common focus and by using the diverse strengths of individual team players

• Using Time Effectively

FOCUS - Time Management

For when you wish for more hours in a day and wonder how to fit everything in

• Effective Presentations

FOCUS - Presentation Skills

Explores the preparation and techniques which enable you to be a powerful and ethical influencer

• Managing Change

FOCUS - Change Management

Learn how to help others to deal more positively with change so that you can all approach it far more constructively

• Managing Yourself

FOCUS - Personal Development

If you ever find that you have no energy or enthusiasm for your next project, this is the title for you.

• Effective Interviewing

FOCUS - Communication Skills

How to ensure that you present information in such a way that you get your message across perfectly by preparing both your delivery and yourself, to bring your audience with you.

• The Manager as Role Model

FOCUS - Leadership Skills

As a manger you are a role model to your staff – so what sort of an example are you setting?

• Effective Meetings

FOCUS - Meetings, Time Management

If you spend hours of your precious time in boring, ineffective meetings, Effective Meetings will prepare you to make them more focused and effective.

• Making the Right Decisions

FOCUS - Decision Making

Consider how you can ensure that you have prepared well to enrich your decision-making and be confident that your decision, when implemented, will work.

• Motivating Others

FOCUS - Personal Style

Examine personal motivating factors, how to use them, then apply the same principles to motivating others.

• Setting Goals

FOCUS - Goal Setting

Why are some people better achievers than others?

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