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581/2 Ways to Improvise in Training

In this book, the author has captured the essence of great teaching artistry for all who want to maximise their effectiveness as educaters.
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The author gives us a panoply of immediately usable techniques. Backed by his profound insight, rich philosophy, and practical expertise, these techniques become the tools for instant results in the classroom. In fact, this handbook will serve you equally in a corporate workshop, an extensive training course or a short meeting.

Improvisation Games and Activities for Workshops, Courses and Training Sessions

This book is for trainers, facilitators and anyone in need of a swift, energising activity. Each of the activities is improvisational in the sense that it generates what the author calls impro energy, a current that runs between participants. You can recognise this energy flow when you see people who are clearly 'in the moment', alert to whatever is going on in the here and now. It is generally characterised by laughter prompted by people making things up off the cuff. At its best, impro energy results in flow, when the quality of the work is both high and seemingly effortless.

While the activities can be used simply as ice-breakers, they are all amenable to an injection of content. In other words, the facilitator can use them to lead to discussion of various topics because in doing the activity, the participant will have an experience of that subject.

Whether you are running a training session, workshop or a team meeting, Paul Jackson’s varied collection of games and activities will help you create an environment of improvisation and experimentation, of imagination and energy, and of laughter and commitment. What better way to engage everyone in the process of learning?

The games in this book can be used in a variety of ways:

• A physical activity warms up limbs and breaks down barriers between group members.

• A verbal activity is an exercise in creativity and intellectual dexterity.

• More than simply icebreakers, these activities are designed as vehicles for content.

• There are always links between the game and the subject of the workshop at metaphorical level.

Selected Contents

• Alert and Energise
• Working Together
• Influencing Relationships
• Resources
• Emotions and Attitudes
• Scenarios
• Creativity
• Wisdom
• Conclusion
• Bibliography.

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Author Paul Z. Jackson
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